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  • Advice
    Sometimes an encouraging word or fresh perspective is just what's needed to help you through a trying time in your life. Remember, others have been where you now are so maybe a little counsel might be of use. Share as much you feel comfortable with about your dilemma and remember to try each response you receive within your own heart before you run with it.
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  • Interviews and Lectures
    Spread the word about a lively interview or lecture given on any topic with a spiritual theme.
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  • Movies and Documentaries
    Have you seen a good movie or documentary that you found to be particularly uplifting or one which stirred you think more deeply about a spiritual matter. Give us a review here.
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  • Books
    Have you read any good books lately? Something that has inspired you to look at the universe in new, more loving, more accepting way. Something that has inspired a greater sense of belonging and connection to things around you. Please share.
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  • Dream Interpretation Techniques
    Are you a student of your dreams? Share what you've learned about the dream interpretation techniques.
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  • What does my dream mean?
    Need help understanding a dream you've had? Share your dream here and allow others to help you work through the process of interpreting it.
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  • Nonduality Q&A
    Do you have a question you’d like ask concerning the topic of nonduality (universal oneness)? Ask your questions here and see what other have to say about it.
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  • Spiritual Reflections
    If you have a spiritual insight you’d like to share… please… the floor is yours. As you allow others to weigh in on your reflections you might discover that having input from other insightful people is just what’s needed to help you think more clearly about an idea.
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  • Spiritual Awakening Experiences
    Any life experience which (to you) was both profound in feeling and eye-opening in insight is a spiritually awakening experience and there is tremendous value in your sharing these stories with others.
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  • General
    General discussions
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